Partner With Us

Stuttgart believes in maintaining strong, long-term partnerships with our Investors and Shareholders. We have a long term approach to short, medium and long-term value creation. In order to meet the growing demand for timely and efficient delivery of mission critical projects, we are seeking investment partners looking to invest in turnkey Stuttgart projects providing attractive rates of return over relatively short periods of time.

Investment opportunities are available for funding speculative Stuttgart-owned as well as Stuttgart involved public-private-partnerships. Our energy, engineering and real estate projects are experiencing the highest demand at the moment and have historically been the most insulated against market corrections. and work diligently to help solid companies grow into truly outstanding companies.

Professionals choose to work with us time after time because they know that our staff and work methods are as efficient as a clockwork! We simultaneously run numerous well-managed projects, always file timely payments. In return, our subcontractors and materials suppliers are productive, committed and centered on doing their very best always!

Subcontract to Us

Stuttgart’s success is permanently tied to our subcontractors’ qualifications, expertise and commitment. Because of that we make it vocal to keep creating and maintaining close operational ties with all our current and new technical partners and subcontractors. Despite having our very own in-house procurement and pre-construction experts, we maintain a corporate subcontractor committee with its primary focus of “continuing to forge” these important partnerships.

We are always looking for projects to efficiently execute as subcontractors. We are always open to signing up new qualified subcontractors. Our award-winning team encourages you to fill your contact information below and submit by email to, and commence a long-term cooperation with us today!